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Dance Hub Birmingham Developing Practice Bursaries Round Two

By Hannah Busst Friday 12 January 2018

Dance Hub Birmingham – Amplifying and connecting dance in Birmingham and beyond

Culture Catwalk, Birmingham Weekender 2017

Photo by Andrew Fox

January 2018

Following the success of Round 1 in Autumn 2017 where 4 West Midlands artists received investment, Dance Hub Birmingham is delighted to announce its second round of Developing Practice Bursaries for artists, producers, curators and dance sector professionals who are based in Birmingham or the West Midlands (Black Country, Coventry, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire) and will be developing their career and delivering or presenting work in the region.

Investment Priorities

We are keen to support those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to access professional development and/or experience work that will impact on their future practice with a bursary of up to £2,000. Up to 4 bursaries will be available in this round.  

If you are an employee of an organisation you are able to apply, but must do so as an individual. You will be asked to confirm that your organisation supports your application.

The closing date for applications will be: Thursday 22nd February 2018 at 2pm.  

Please submit your application to: Hannah Busst at hannahbusst@culturecentral.co.uk

We expect to inform applicants of the outcome by Friday 23rd March 2018.

Dance Hub Birmingham will be hosting two drop in Q&A cafe sessions for anyone with questions about the application process, these will be held on Monday 22nd and Thursday 25th January- please see our Events listing for further details.

About Dance Hub Birmingham

Dance Hub Birmingham is an ambitious sector led initiative to amplify and further develop the region’s position as an international centre of excellence for dance. Supported with strategic investment from Arts Council England, and delivered by Culture Central, Dance Hub Birmingham builds upon the exceptional existing dance ecology of production, performance, community and learning activities delivered by organisations in the West Midlands dance sector.  

The current steering committee is comprised of representatives from ACE Dance and Music, Birmingham City University, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Culture Central, DanceXchange, mac Birmingham, One Dance UK, Sampad and two individual artists, who work in consultation with the city and wider West Midlands dance sector.


Dance is woven into the fabric, body and soul of Birmingham and the West Midlands, creating a colourful, diverse tapestry that excites, inspires and celebrates all its artists and citizens and acts as a beacon nationally and internationally.


In 2027 Dance Hub Birmingham will have enabled its organisations to:

  • Provide life long engagement for everyone from early years to older adults

  • Develop and produce high quality bold, unique work

  • Be world leaders in collaborating

In 2027 Dance Hub Birmingham will have enabled artists to:

  • Have full life careers in dance

  • Access to outstanding training and opportunities

  • Create bold, unique, cutting edge dance

In 2027 Dance Hub Birmingham will have enabled the city to:

  • Establish its confidence as a world leader in dance

  • Be the template for artist and culture led regeneration with new models of investment creating returns

  • Be a destination for artists and audiences









  • This bursary is open to any artist/producer/choreographer/curator/dance sector professional/small scale company working in the West Midlands

  • Proposals must demonstrate the potential for a significant step change in artistic or company practice through increased knowledge, new connections or experiences

  • Proposals must demonstrate a commitment to sharing learning with the wider dance sector

  • This development of practice will contribute to the delivery of Dance Hub Birmingham’s vision and mission and bring new learning to the Midlands dance sector

  • Support cannot be used for capital investment

  • If you are employed by an organisation you can apply on an individual basis, but you must provide evidence that your employer supports your application

  • We will usually expect to be the sole supporter of this activity

  • There is no expectation of match funding being secured for this opportunity

  • In exceptional circumstances, we will consider co-funding opportunities if artists have already secured part-support from another source


  • Commitment to capture or document your experience(s) and learning, and submit a minimum 2 side report / digital case study on completion of the activity

  • Commitment to share learning with the wider sector, physically and/or digitally, in a format agreed with the Director of Dance Hub Birmingham

  • Commitment to engage in media, PR, promotional & advocacy opportunities for no additional fee

  • Commitment to evidence all expenditure, providing receipts if requested

  • Commitment to Light Touch Evaluation and Monitoring in line with our requirements

  • Credit of Dance Hub Birmingham support in a specified format on all publicity & in all PR during the experience itself, and during all future life of any product developed as a result of this investment

  • A royalty / return on investment of 1% to 5% of all earned income from all future life of any product or programme developed as a result of this investment / activity; to be negotiated depending on its commercial potential

  • All supported  artists / companies must participate in a minimum of 3 Dance Hub activities in the 12 months following support being awarded (eg: international choreographers take class, participate in talks, attendance at events)

Application Process

Applicants are asked to submit no more than 3 A4 sides (if written), or a video or audio application of no more than 3 minutes duration, to include:

  • A proposal for the experience(s), training, work to be seen, companies or festivals to be visited, including a schedule and headline budget

We are recommending day/week rate fees to be £150 per day or £500 per full week (which is above Equity/ITC minimum); it is also acceptable to include a per diem of £30 per person per day where company members are working away from their home base.

  • Images or links to any of these experience(s), training, work, companies or festivals

  • How any proposed experience would offer a step change for the applicant’s practice

  • Any initial ideas for future work that may develop as a result of this experience (if relevant)

  • What new ideas or learning would be brought back to the Midlands

  • Ideas for how this might be shared (physically and digitally)

  • How this links strategically to Dance Hub’s vision and mission

  • Evidence of artistic track record & links to relevant previous work

Artists are also asked to submit the cover sheet & equal opportunities monitoring form available to download below.

You may be contacted with follow up questions by the Dance Hub Birmingham panel.

The closing date for applications will be:Thursday 22nd February 2018 at 2pm

Decision Making

Our decision making process is as follows:

  • Monique Deletant, Director of Dance Hub Birmingham and a rolling panel of 2 members of the Steering Committee will review submissions and determine which proposals to support

We reserve the right to/for:

  • Invite artists to meet with the panel, and/or contact them with follow up questions

  • Enable flexibility for the panel not to award full funding

  • The panel to put the proposal forward to the next commissioning round, subject to agreement from the applicant

  • Request a 1% to 5% royalty/return on our investment on all earned income from all future life of any product or programme developed as a result of this support

  • Make the commissioning process iterative, so that it can be changed in response to feedback and/or where the Steering Committee feels more emphasis or priority is required

  • Invite applicants to reapply in response to feedback from the panel

  • In exceptional circumstances, choose not invest in any proposals submitted in a given round

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