Antarctica Live

Saturday 8 September 2018 3pm Thinktank, Science Museum, Birmingham FREE BOOK TICKETS HERE

Join Corey Baker Dance for Antarctica Live, a newly devised dance performance by award-winning choreographer Corey Baker inspired by his recent trip Antarctica, that celebrates the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth.

See two exceptional dancers bring to life an informative podcast by two accomplished scientists on the topic of climate change & Antarctica ice melt. Witness impressive choreography in and around an inflatable Antarctica, sharing a physical look at the impact of climate change on Antarctica.

You will have the opportunity to watch screenings of Antarctica: The First Dance, supported by Dance Hub Birmingham, the first dance film made in Antarctica. The screenings will be followed by live Q&As with Baker himself, discussing the story behind the film and the changing face and climate of the great polar continent, with producer Anne Beresford. Featuring star of Royal New Zealand Ballet Madeleine Graham, Antarctica: The First Dance launched on Earth Day, 22 April 2018 and has since been watched over a million times around the world.

Corey Baker said: ‘It was the biggest honour to be allowed to visit Antarctica and I want to ensure that I communicate the learnings gained from the trip in as many ways possible. Antarctica: The First Dance was one way to share the message about climate change and show the true beauty of Antarctica, but I wanted there to be a live element for people to engage with also.”

Watch Antarctica: The First Dance here.

Antarctica Live features:

Corey Baker Dance
Choreographer: Corey Baker
Preformers: Ben Jones, Shelly Eva Haddden
Composer: Duncan Grimley
Podcast: Radio NZ
Inflatable / Costumes: Evie Williams
Funded by: Arts Council England, ChristchurchNZ
Supported by: Antarctica New Zealand, Royal New Zealand Ballet.

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