Culture Central is for all organisations involved in making the Birmingham City Region an internationally recognised place for culture and creativity.

Culture Central recognises that the involvement of organisations and institutions of all scales and all interests are vital to making this happen. We seek the strategic engagement of the major anchor institutions (universities and businesses, for example) as well as the many small creative businesses and arts organisations. 

Our understanding of culture is inclusive and broad covering everything from heritage to ballet, bhangra to virtual reality.

Culture Central is committed to developing and leading projects, alongside other leadership bodies in the city region, that have the potential for a positive impact on the sector – and on the region.

We are currently building our membership base, our business model and our leadership structures. Our new Director Steve Ball and Chair Dorothy Wilson, are putting in place the foundations of the organisation and invite your involvement. It is helpful to understand Culture Central in the same way that you might think about a trade organisation or our close colleagues at the Chamber of Commerce.

If you are an individual or organisation interested in developing the cultural and creative sector within the Birmingham City region, then get in touch at sophinajagot@culturecentral.co.uk